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Quilt Image

EQ8 software for quilt patTerns

Do you want to design quilt blocks or full patterns? Here is a way to do it and to preview actual fabric with it.

Sewing Machines Plus

Do you like my new Juki sewing machine? Do you need a machine for embroidery? Have you wanted a serger or a long arm? You can browse your options here.

Join Craftsy for online classes

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill or freshen up on an old one? This is the place for classes for all things crafty.

Looking for sewing supplies?

After looking on this site, if you are still looking for something for quilting, check out these additional items.

Want to help support my small business and have some cool stuff too?

This is a work in progress. I'm working on some really fun sayings to put on your own custom items as well as more options. This link will take you to what I have, but please check back for more options.


I may receive a small portion of your purchase using these links. By clicking on my links it will help me out.